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Would You Buy A Car Without A Rear Window?


The Polestar 4, showcased at the New York Auto Show, has garnered attention for its unconventional design feature: the absence of a rear window. Instead, the vehicle relies on a digital rearview mirror, traditional side mirrors, and various driver assistance systems. While some critics liken this approach to wearing an eye patch for style rather than practicality, Polestar defends the decision, claiming it enhances interior space and the rearward view. They emphasize the wide field of view provided by the digital rearview mirror and assert that the sleek design wouldn’t have been achievable with a rear window.

However, concerns arise regarding practicality, such as the need to clean the camera in snowy conditions and the potential failure of technology. While Polestar assures that airflow keeps water and grime away from the lenses and offers a multitude of safety features, including parking cameras and collision warning systems, doubts persist about relying solely on technology for visibility. Despite the reassurances, skepticism remains regarding the reliability of technology in all situations.

In conclusion, while the Polestar 4 boasts advanced technology and innovative design, the debate continues regarding the practicality and reliability of forgoing rear windows in favor of digital solutions.
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