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What Should You Do If You Can’t Find An EV Charging Station?

What Should You Do If You Can’t Find An EV Charging Station? In a memorable movie scene from 1987, Steve Martin’s character desperately confronts a rental car agent after the company loses his car. This epitomizes the frustration of being stranded without options. This scenario parallels the feeling of driving an electric vehicle (EV) with a low battery and no charging station in sight, where helplessness sets in. Understanding an EV’s limits is crucial; each has a unique threshold for low battery alerts, necessitating strategic measures when facing depletion.

To conserve power, drivers should switch to eco modes. They should turn off unnecessary features like climate control and headlights, and drive slower while maximizing regenerative braking. Seeking charging stations is vital, but relying solely on the car’s navigation system may be unreliable. Instead, utilizing mobile apps like Electrify America, EVGo, Chargepoint, and PlugShare offers more accurate and comprehensive options.

If stranded without power, AAA and automaker roadside assistance are valuable resources. With AAA potentially dispatching trucks equipped to charge EVs or provide towing. Portable power stations like Anker’s Solix offer a costly but effective solution for emergencies.

However, the blame doesn’t always fall on the driver. Factors like cold weather affecting battery performance or lack of daily charging infrastructure can contribute to range anxiety. Planning and foresight are crucial to mitigate potential issues.

In essence, navigating the challenges of EV ownership requires awareness of the vehicle’s capabilities. As well as strategic energy conservation, proactive planning, and access to reliable assistance services. Just as in Martin’s comedic struggle with the rental car, being prepared can make all the difference in averting a frustrating predicament.
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