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What Is Anti-Seize Compound and Why Should I Use It on My Car?


Anti-seize compound, formulated from base and synthetic lubricants, graphite, and micro-metals, actively protects metal fasteners and components from adverse conditions such as high temperatures, pressures, acids, and alkalis. By preventing corrosion, wear, galling, or seizing, it ensures the longevity and efficiency of metal parts across automotive, marine, and industrial applications.

The compound actively seals out moisture, road salts, and dirt. It prevents metal assemblies, especially dissimilar metals, from seizing together. It actively reduces frustration during disassembly and actively promotes consistent thread torquing, thereby minimizing part failure and maintenance costs.

Anti-seize compound actively works by averting electrolysis, a chemical reaction that actively generates an electrical current between metal parts exposed to environmental elements like rain, salt air, or saltwater. Different types of compounds actively cater to specific applications, such as aluminum, copper, nickel, and molybdenum disulfide, each actively offering distinct advantages and considerations.

Brake grease, distinct from anti-seize compound, lacks protective materials and should not actively be used interchangeably. Similarly, WD-40, while effective as a water-dispersant and lubricant, does not actively withstand high temperatures or pressures like anti-seize compound.

It’s crucial to apply anti-seize compound sparingly, actively following manufacturer instructions and considering factors like thread restoration and cleanliness. Proper storage and maintenance practices actively ensure the compound’s longevity and effectiveness. However, it’s worth noting that anti-seize application on lug nuts is not recommended due to its low friction coefficient.

Don Sutliff is a senior product specialist at Permatex Inc. He brings extensive experience in anti-seize compounds within the specialty chemical industry. Based in Solon, Ohio, Permatex Inc. is renowned for its automotive chemicals, sealants, and adhesives. Meanwhile, John Alcaro boasts 43 years as an Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) master technician. He currently serves as the senior automotive technology instructor at North Montco Technical Career Center in Lansdale, Pennsylvania. They are the experts that will answer our question  in detail.

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