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Ultimate Performance: Unveiling the 1 Million Miles Car of 2024


The idea of driving 1 million miles at all, let alone in a single vehicle, is quite a difficult concept to grasp. For context, that’s the equivalent of driving around the world over 40 times or driving to the moon and back nearly five times.

Of course, it takes some serious dedication, a little luck, and a rigorous maintenance schedule to keep any vehicle, much less a performance car, running for so long. However, if you love driving a car as much as Guy Newmark does this 1 million miles Porsche, then it’s worth all the work and then some. We’re delving into the story behind his amazing classic car and looking at some other high-miler sports cars potentially gunning for the Porsche’s crown.

The high miler in question is a 1964 Porsche 356, a sports car that has been in Guy’s family for 60 years. In fact, his father purchased the car from the original owner in Stuttgart three months after it rolled off the showroom floor. After driving it for a couple of years, Guy’s father gave him the Porsche as a college graduation gift in 1968, and it’s been his daily driver ever since.
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