Big Rigs Need TLC, Too!

Big Rigs Need TLC, Too!

Have your tractor trailer detailed in Hartford, CT

Is your cab in shabby shape? Whether you make cross-country road trips from Hartford, CT to California or just deliveries across town, you spend a lot of time in the cab of your tractor trailer. If you'd like to give it the deep cleaning it needs, reach out to DunRite Detail. You can count on us to make your tractor trailer shine like it never has before. Prices start at $125 outside inside and $150 outside. 

Call us at 860-270-0084 or 413-561-0645 to schedule detailing service.

3 reasons to detail your tractor trailer

Do you need to have your cab cleaned? Here are a few of the ways our detailing services can benefit you and your tractor trailer:

  1. We can wax your cab's exterior to protect it from the elements
  2. We can make your truck shine, inside and out
  3. We'll clean your glass and mirrors to improve visibility

Consult with DunRite Detail about detailing the interior and exterior of your tractor trailer.