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The Most Expensive Car Feature In 2024


Luxury, expensive cars command a premium for their plush interiors, powerful engines, and sharp exterior tweaks. However, optional features can quickly increase the starting MSRP significantly. While most manufacturers offer reasonably priced options, Ferrari stands out with its high-priced extras.

Expensive Options on the Ferrari Purosangue

The Ferrari Purosangue, with a starting price of $398,350, offers a Design Pack that adds an extra $101,000. This pack includes leather massaging seats, a panoramic glass roof, and extensive carbon fiber trim, bringing the total cost to nearly half a million dollars.

Even without the Design Pack, individual options can be costly. Notable options include Le Mans Blu paint for $13,110, Cuoio leather interior for $4,589, and contrast stitching for $1,180. YouTuber Schmee150 spent nearly $95,000 on extras for his Purosangue, selecting features individually to suit his preferences.

Costly Options on Other Luxury Models

In 2014, the Ferrari LaFerrari offered a carbon fiber front end for $333,472, a rear diffuser for $248,267, and a rear bumper for $194,014. These expensive options highlight the high costs associated with Ferrari’s customizations.

Bentley also offered an extravagant option on its Bentayga SUV in 2015: a Breitling clock with a tourbillon movement, costing $229,000—almost equal to the vehicle’s base price. This complex clock featured a mother-of-pearl face, gold, and diamonds.


Luxury car options can be prohibitively expensive, especially with brands like Ferrari and Bentley. These options enhance the vehicle’s features but significantly increase the total cost, appealing to buyers willing to spend extra for exclusivity and luxury.
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