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The Best Ways to Keep Potholes From Destroying Your Car


Driving during late winter and early spring can pose significant challenges to your car, particularly in regions where freezing and thawing temperatures lead to the proliferation of potholes. Potholes result from trapped moisture expanding and cracking pavement, exacerbated by traffic and harsh seasonal conditions that may delay repairs, exposing your vehicle to potential damage.

To mitigate costly repairs to steering, suspension, wheel rims, and tires, proactive measures are essential. Regularly monitoring tire pressure and wear, including tread depth, is crucial. Maintaining proper inflation levels according to manufacturer recommendations and checking tire pressure monthly during winter helps reduce damage risk. Professional inspections of alignment and suspension are also advisable.

Driving slower, within safe limits, and maintaining focus on the road ahead enable swift responses to hazards like potholes. Driving at reduced speeds minimizes wheel and suspension damage, while navigating puddles cautiously reduces the risk of encountering hidden potholes.

Avoiding sudden swerves and driving straight over potholes, when safe, mitigates tire sidewall damage. Gently easing off brakes just before encountering a pothole allows wheels to roll smoothly through it. Tapping brakes can also alert other drivers to potholes ahead.

After hitting a pothole, it’s vital to stop and inspect for damage, including tire and wheel issues, both front and rear. Monitor for shaking, vibrating, or pulling while driving and watch for uneven tire wear, which may indicate additional damage. If uncertain, seek professional inspection by a mechanic to ensure comprehensive assessment and necessary repairs. These proactive steps help safeguard your vehicle against the hazards posed by winter and spring driving conditions.
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