Do You Want to Keep That

Do You Want to Keep That "Fresh Off the Lot" Look?

We'll address every detail of your vehicle in Hartford, CT

If you haven't taken your car to the car wash in a while, there may be mud on the tires and doors from the last big rain, water spots on the windows, and crumbs in the seats from your last road trip. You can count on DunRite Detail of Hartford, CT to freshen up your vehicle. We offer mobile detailing services to tidy up your car or truck inside and out.

You can reach us at 860-270-0084 or 413-561-0645 to learn more about our personal auto detailing service.

3 reasons to leave detailing to the pros

Your vehicle could be in dire need of a good cleaning. Here are a few reasons to step away from the soap and water and let us take care of it for you:

  1. We have the tools and products needed to give your vehicle the deepest clean
  2. We can get to all those hard-to-reach nooks and crevices you've forgotten about
  3. We can make your car look as good as new in no time flat

Count on DunRite Detail to maintain your vehicle with car detailing services.