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How to Save on Gas in Any Car


Gas prices in the U.S. are projected to rise to approximately $4 per gallon in 2024, marking the highest since the summer of 2022. To optimize fuel efficiency and make the most out of every tank, various proven methods can help you save on gas in any vehicle.

Driving techniques play a significant role in fuel economy. Accelerating slowly, maintaining a reduced top speed, utilizing cruise control on highways, and coasting to stops are effective strategies. Smooth acceleration conserves fuel, while reducing speed can improve mileage by up to 14%. Cruise control maintains a steady pace, enhancing efficiency, and coasting reduces fuel consumption and extends brake life.

Maintenance considerations are also crucial for fuel savings. Checking tire pressures regularly ensures optimal rolling resistance. Removing excess weight, including roof carriers when not in use, and using regular gas unless premium is required, are prudent practices to improve mileage.

Lifestyle decisions can further reduce fuel consumption. Carpooling, using public transportation, avoiding rush hour, walking, biking for short errands, and combining trips minimize driving time.

While some tips have a more significant impact than others, implementing them collectively can notably decrease fuel usage. This in turn mitigates the impact of rising fuel prices. By adopting these practices, individuals can enhance fuel efficiency and economize on gas expenses, ultimately making each tank of fuel go further.
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