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Do Black Cars Get Hotter? And Tricks to Cool Your Car Interior


Black cars are known to get hotter in the sun compared to white cars, and scientific studies support this. A study by Berkeley found that a black car had a cabin temperature about 10 degrees hotter than a silver one.  This increased temperature also means black cars have about 2% lower fuel economy. As well as 1.9% higher CO2 emissions due to the need for more air conditioning.

Autotrader conducted a similar test with two Toyota 4Runner vehicles in the Georgia sun. The black 4Runner’s internal temperature reached 130 degrees, while the white 4Runner was at 113 degrees. After 10 minutes of maximum air conditioning, the temperatures dropped to 84 degrees for the black and 91 degrees for the white car.

Dark-colored interiors also contribute to heat absorption, making cars hotter. A YouTube experiment by MikesCarInfo used a thermal camera to compare Toyota Highlanders of different colors. The hoods of the black, gray, silver, and white SUVs were 159, 146, 129, and 113 degrees, respectively. Showing a significant 46-degree difference between black and white models.

Tricks to Cool Your Car’s Interior

To cool your car’s interior, you can install a sunshade to prevent the greenhouse effect caused by light rays trapped inside the car. Sunshades are effective and protect the car’s interior from sun damage. Tinting windows can also help, lowering the internal temperature by as much as 10 degrees, though local regulations should be checked. Another trick is to rapidly expel hot air by opening windows on one side and repeatedly opening and closing doors on the other side, creating positive pressure to push the hot air out. This method can significantly reduce the interior temperature, making it more bearable even on hot days.
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