Present Your Customers With the Spotless Vehicles They Expect

Present Your Customers With the Spotless Vehicles They Expect

Keep your rental fleet immaculate in Hartford, CT

What's worse than finding yourself stuck with a rental car that hasn't been cleaned properly? Your customers wouldn't want to drive a vehicle with stains on the upholstery or crumbs in the cup holders. Leave the cleaning of your rental fleet to DunRite Detail, and we'll make sure your vehicles are kept in spotless condition from one rental to the next.

Contact us at 860-270-0084 or 413-561-0645 to learn more about our rental detailing service.

3 ways regular detailing can make your customers happy

Do you want to make sure your customers have a good experience with the car they rent from you? We can help you do so by:

  1. Making sure all the vehicles in your fleet are in the best condition
  2. Removing smoke, pet odors and stains to give your clients the best experience possible
  3. Impressing your clients with a spotless vehicle

Discuss your rental fleet cleaning needs with DunRite Detail and we'll help you keep your autos presentable.

We take care of you detailing needs for any type of vehicle including Fleet and Passenger Vehicles. Other services include:

  • Headlight restoration
  • Interior car care
  • upholstery cleaning
  • engine detailing