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Can A Crossover Actually Tow A Trailer?


If you own a crossover SUV and need to tow, it’s essential to understand this versatile vehicle segment. Crossovers, which blend SUV storage space with car-like construction, vary widely in towing capacity. While some can tow as much as trucks, others struggle with even lightweight trailers.

Crossovers differ from full-frame vehicles like traditional SUVs and trucks, which have a ladder-shaped frame providing significant strength for towing. In contrast, crossovers have a reinforced body shell without a standalone frame, which usually limits their towing capacity.

However, advancements in engineering and materials have allowed some crossovers to achieve impressive towing capabilities. For example, the Jeep Grand Cherokee, technically a crossover, can tow 6,200 pounds. The Land Rover lineup, now using reinforced unibody construction, boasts towing capacities up to 8,200 pounds. On the lower end, the Jeep Compass can only tow 2,000 pounds, insufficient for an empty U-Haul trailer.

Before towing with your crossover, check the manufacturer’s recommendations on the driver’s side door sill for details like maximum tow rating. Ensure your vehicle has a tow hitch or factor in the cost of installing one. Remember, the towing capacity indicates the maximum load the powertrain can handle, but frequent heavy towing may wear out a crossover faster than a full-frame vehicle.

In summary, while crossovers offer varied towing abilities, it’s crucial to verify your specific model’s limits and consider the long-term effects of regular heavy towing.
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